Alexander Laurin, Founder of the BPN and Top Performer Solutions.

Alexander Laurin is the Author of 'The Book on Podcasting, Podcast For Personal And Professional Development', Founder of the Business Podcast Network & Top Performance Solutions.  He has been a trusted Business Consultant in Talent Acquisition since 2005.  As a practicing Career & Life Coach, he is a member in good standing with the ICF - International Coaching Federation.

The Book On Podcasting

Author Alexander Laurin, Executive Sales Recruiter, Certified professional life coach,  and International Coaching Federation member, decided to write the book so his often hard-earned experience can help others who currently produce podcasts, or want to begin podcasting. The Book On Podcasting: Podcast for Personal and Professional Development offers insights into the podcasting industry, opportunities to quickly achieve credibility and authority, tips on how to use a podcast for a business, discusses various possible monetization models, and shares many of the insights that come from podcasting with positive intention.

The term “podcast” was first mentioned by Ben Hammersley in a 2004 Guardian newspaper article in which he listed possible names for this booming new medium. “Pod of podcast is borrowed from Apple’s iPod digital media player, while “cast is taken from radio’s “broadcast” term. Podcasts are digital audio files available on the internet for live-streaming or downloading to a computer or mobile device (not necessarily an iPod). They are hosted on a variety of websites, usually offered free to listeners, and often are available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Podcasting is a booming industry. New research shows that 112 million Americans over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast at some point, up 40 percent from 2016 figures. In 2017, 67 million people – or 24 percent of Americans – reported listening to a podcast at least monthly, up 14 percent in one year. The rapid growth of the medium offers opportunities for people in all walks of life, and Laurin – host of “The Biggest Win Sales Podcast” – says his goal with The Book On Podcasting: Podcast for Personal and Professional Development is to convey the knowledge he gained through trial-and-error to help others avoid making the same mistakes he made early on. Podcasting can be a transformative life experience, he said, but learning how to create a successful podcast can be a rewarding endeavor.

“I wrote this book because I discovered that when I began my podcasting journey, my life changed drastically for the better – so many new things were happening to me and the podcast was my companion during this time. I learned that the podcast is so versatile that it can change lives in many different ways, and I felt that I needed to share this message with the world,” Laurin explained. “I think people podcast for fun, but a large segment of people want to podcast for money. Money seems to have become the pinnacle of success. I used to think money meant success, too, but even after I made a lot of money during my career, I realized that my life still felt empty. You can earn money and you can lose money, but ultimately success is a state of happiness to hold on to, each and every day.”

 “I discovered that creating a podcast focused on positive messaging and happiness ultimately created more positivity for me. You can’t escape disasters here and there, but if you focus on living a positive, happy life, that is what you will begin to achieve. Not only did I learn that, but also that I could create a legacy in the process, reinvent myself, and create new relationships with people all over the world. I could gain authority, and have enormous amounts of fun. I discovered podcasting to be one of the greatest tools to help any individual achieve happiness. I decided to write the book to show my proof of this, and plant the seeds for other people to learn that they, too, can have the life that they desire and deserve.”

The book’s content includes sections dedicated to the formula for creating a successful podcast, determining one’s messaging, how – and whether – to make podcasting into a business, how to use podcasting to promote an existing business, setting and achieving goals, podcasting as an art form, and much more.

The Book On Podcasting: Podcast for Personal and Professional Development, is now available on Amazon. The Kindle e-book compatible with Windows and Apple computers and Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, is available on Amazon. 

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